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Will in the Jura

Friday, 21st April at 6:03 pm 4 comments

Disclaimer: Use ViewMyCurrency at your own risk

I wrote this currency converter to save me time when comparing prices online. I’m sharing it in the hope that others can benefit from it too.


I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the currency conversions. Please make sure ViewMyCurrency is set to ‘OFF’ and double check the numbers before actually purchasing sometime or doing any other kind of financial work.

It’s impossible to write 100% reliable software. Even good programs have lots of bugs. The world is unlikely to end if your buggy internet browser displays the wrong font. On the other hand, if ViewMyCurrency claims that something costs 1.6 million dollars instead of 1.45 million then you might be concerned.
I want to make it very clear that bugs like this could happen, you have been warned. Use at your own risk.

If you find a bug
If you see something that doesn’t look right then please use the ‘Give Feedback’ wizard (available by right-clicking ViewMyCurrency your Firefox statusbar) to let me know. Then everybody benefits when the problem is solved.

I do my best to write good software
After these warnings, please rest assured that as someone who takes pride in my craft I do my best to write reliable software. I run automatic tests before each new release. I’d be happy to make these tests available to anybody who would like to inspect (and perhaps improve) them.

Wednesday, 29th March at 3:37 pm 9 comments

ViewMyCurrency 0.3894 New release supports the old Eurozone currencies

This release of ViewMyCurrency can now convert to and from:

  • Austrian Schilling (ATS)
  • Belgian Franc (BEF)
  • Finish Markka (FIM)
  • French Franc (FRF)
  • German Deutsche Mark (DEM)
  • Greek Drachma (GRD)
  • Dutch Guilder (NLG)
  • Irish Pound (IEP)
  • Italian Lira (ITL)
  • Luxembourgian Franc (LUF)
  • Portuguese Escudo (PTE)
  • Spanish Peseta (ESP)
  • Vatican City Lira (VAL)

Major changes:

  • Added: The old Eurozone currencies
  • Added: All numbers above 10 are now rounded. Thanks Christian!


  • Fixed: Options dialog would hang if you removed all the currencies. Thanks Kristoffer!
  • Fixed: remove highlight changes when VMC set back to ‘OFF’
  • (Removed: complete currency list from user prefs since it’s not editable yet. Thanks pheloxi.)

UK site in Belgian Francs
This version is for all of those users who feel nostalgic for the Deutsche Mark or dig the retro-look of the French Franc. Let me know what you think using the ‘Give Feedback’ menu.

Install the ViewMyCurrency extension Download from the Install page (or via automatic update)


Wednesday, 8th March at 2:29 pm 52 comments

Will at FOSDEM

This weekend I’m at FOSDEM in Brussels, I’ll be checking my blog but probably won’t have much time to respond. If anybody else is going then feel free to give me a shout.

Saturday, 25th February at 8:33 am

Firefox Currency Converter – ViewMyCurrency 0.3893 (alpha) released

There are just a few small changes in this release. I focused on improving the feedback wizard as it makes supporting users much quicker.

Minor changes:

  • Give Feedback wizard
    • Added current theme to technical info
    • Fixed: GUI issues for Firefox 1.0.7 Thanks Simon!
    • Fixed: Give Feedback handles loss of network connection. Thanks Simon.
  • Options Dialog
    • Fixed: preview text code was buggy
    • Fixed: Currency Table expands to fit available space. Looks better if you have a lot of currencies. Thanks Ken!
  • Added: tooltips with full name of currency to popup Convert Text bar + statusbarpanel. Thanks Jamie.

Install the ViewMyCurrency extension Download from the Install page (or via automatic update)

Friday, 24th February at 10:03 am 12 comments

Firefox Currency Converter – ViewMyCurrency 0.3892 (alpha) released


  • The currency conversion is now split into multiple threads. ViewMyCurrency should seem more responsive and ‘Unresponsive Script’ warnings should be reduced. Let me know if you still get them.
  • Added visual cues. During conversion statusbarpanel goes green during currency conversion and bold if something was changed on the page. This is an attempt to discreetly remind people that they are looking at a modified page. Thanks for the feedback Peter.

Please let me know if you think this is an improvement.

Minor changes:

  • Added: Highlight changes option (hidden debugging option)
  • Added: validation of summary field in Give Feedback (highlights in red if empty). Thanks Peter
  • ‘Finish’ button is now ‘Add to website’. Thanks Simon
  • Startup Wizard now always includes EUR, USD and GBP in default currency list

Install the ViewMyCurrency extension Download from the Install page (or via automatic update)


Wednesday, 22nd February at 7:07 pm 7 comments

Firefox Currency Converter – ViewMyCurrency 0.3891 (alpha) released

I’ve added a Feedback Wizard to make it easier for user to submit requests, bugs or general feedback. If you see something on a web-page that you want to comment on:

  • select the problem text (optional)
  • right-click on the ViewMyCurrency statusbarpanel and click ‘Give Feedback’
  • The wizard will prompt you for more information about the problem
  • When you click ‘Finish’ the wizard will open this blog and paste your comment in.
  • You must then click ‘Say it’ publish the comment.
Give Feedback wizard

Hopefully this wizard will save everybody time as I won’t have to keep emailing back to ask for more info.


  • Added: Give Feedback Wizard

Currency changes: (remove and add currency to get changes)

  • DDK default symbol is now ‘kr.’ rather than’kr’. Thanks Christian!
  • ‘bucks’ no longer treated as USD. For all those Milwaukee Bucks fans out there. Thanks Bob!

Minor changes:

  • Fixed spelling. Thanks KK
  • Fixed: Convert Text popupbar would not appear if nothing selected in webpage or clipboard. Thanks Jamie!
  • Fixed: The popupbar will never be taller than 5 rows
  • Fixed: Text was truncated with ‘…’ in the statusbarpanel. (Now using style to set width to 6 ems). Thanks Santi!

Install the ViewMyCurrency extension Download from the Install page (or via automatic update)


Tuesday, 21st February at 5:29 pm 8 comments

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