There are two different versions of ViewMyCurrency:

Install the alpha version of ViewMyCurrency The latest alpha release with many new features and bug-fixes.

Install the ViewMyCurrency extension The last official release on Mozilla Addons.

Important: The alpha release from is not the official release on Mozilla Update. The alpha will be changed regularly as bug reports come in. If you install this version then you will continue to get alpha-releases from through the auto-update feature of Firefox.

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Installing ViewMyCurrency – Step by step


You must be using the Firefox web browser. (You do not need administrator rights to install an extension.)

Installing ViewMyCurrency

  • Install the ViewMyCurrency extensionInstall the ViewMyCurrency extension by going to the alpha release or the official release and clicking on the install link marked with the download icon.
  • If a message appears 'To Protect your computer, Firefox prevented this site…' then click on 'Edit Options…' and then 'Allow' and 'OK'
  • Install the extension and restart Firefox. The ViewMyCurrency setup wizard will run.
  • Agree to the disclaimer by clicking Next
  • Choose your currency from the list. This is the currency that all other currencies will be converted into.
  • The symbol for the currency you selected should appear in the statusbar. It will go blue briefly as the live exchange rates are downloaded.

Test that ViewMyCurrency is working

  • Try going to any site with currencies on it. For example or You will see prices in your own currency.
  • Disable conversion by clicking on the symbol in bottom right of the statusbar. 'OFF' should appear and the web page should revert to normal.
  • Click the symbol again to enable conversion.


  • There are more options to play with. Try right-clicking the currency symbol in the statusbar. Note the keyboard shortcuts for quick use.


  • This extension is released under the GPL license. You are free to use it, change it, abuse it – just let me know what changes you made.
  • Disclaimer: This is the first ever Javascript I wrote. Do not rely on the converted currency values. Disable this extension while performing any kind of financial work with your web browser. I cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages resulting from the use of this extension.


  • Let me know what you think by clicking on the 'Feedback' tab above.


  • 1. Lars Lydersen  |  Friday, 21st April at 11:19 am


    I am using the norwegian version of firefox. In the official release the Norwegian Kroners are left out. The alfarelease stops in the setup dialog when choosing currency and just says “fixme” in red…

  • 2. Arild  |  Friday, 21st April at 6:24 pm


    I couldn’t install the alpha release due to an error.

    The error: Translated from norwegian to english

    Firefox didn’t manage to install the file from “…..”

    Reason: Download error

    Somebody understand this fault?

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