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ViewMyCurrency 0.3895 released with support for Firefox 2

Major changes

  • Added: Support for Firefox 2

Minor Changes:

  • Changed: ‘Convert Text’ toolbar is now ‘Popup convert’ with shortcut to Ctrl-Shift-P. (Ctrl-Shift-T is “undo close tab” in Firefox 2)
  • Added: The symbol ‘/’ as now treated as a boundary character. Thanks Alex.
  • Fixed: Could not handle COP rate from Google (failing to parse 2 300). Thanks Jair.
  • Added: Support for multiple profiles. This will allow symbols like the ‘$’ to be handled differently depending on the current domain. The code is in place but not yet used so users should not notice any changes from previous versions.

Please let me know if you have any problems.

Install the ViewMyCurrency extension Download from the Install page (or via automatic update)


Wednesday, 25th October at 4:53 pm 55 comments