Who wants to test ViewMyCurrency 0.3896?

Monday, 26th February at 1:56 pm 5 comments

The next version of ViewMyCurrency is ready for testers. Since this is a big rewrite, I’m asking for volunteers to test it before I push it out to everybody using automatic update.

You can only install from this link: ViewMyCurrency 0.3896Install the ViewMyCurrency extension

Please let me know of any problems you encounter,

Major changes

  • ViewMyCurrency only supports Firefox 2 or the future Firefox 3
  • Support for Firefox 1.5 has been removed. (Let me know if this is a problem)
  • Completely removed support for Firefox 1.0
  • Only converts the current tab. This is a major time saver if you have lots of open tabs. Great idea Jamie!
  • Added status icon. (To avoid problems with people who forget ViewMyCurrency is running)

Minor changes

  • Added support for Session Restore
  • Changed: Popup convert only uses the clipboard if there is one short line in it. Thanks Chris!
  • Changed: failure on startup results in a error alert rather than the startup wizard endlessly re-appearing. Thanks Theo!
  • Added special exceptions to avoid converting Euro2006, Euro29 etc. Thanks Tobias!
  • Avoid processing <code> and <pre> blocks of HTML. Thanks Luke!
  • Added: Option to turn off rounding of numbers above 10

Currency changes

  • Added non-latin symbol for Korean Won. Thanks Helge!
  • Added Slovenia to the Eurozone and support for old Slovenian Tolar. Thanks xc15w0!
  • Added currency symbol: $AU  Thanks Kyle
  • Fixed Vietnam Dong (raised max exchange rate to 80,0000) Thanks Minh!

Internal changes

  • Added: extension files are now contained in a jar file. This should improve Firefox startup time.
  • (Major rewrite to fix many regressions, especially in Popup Convert)
  • (Rewrote tree-walker)
  • Added: ssupport for excluding sites based on URL. Currently excludes all https://, chrome:// and viewmycurrency sites. (You cannot change this using the GUI)

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Javascript RegExp Unicode Character Class Tester Who wants to test ViewMyCurrency 0.3897?


  • 1. BUGabundo  |  Tuesday, 27th February at 12:33 am

    I’ve installed it.
    I’ll let u know if I run into trouble.
    The last beta that I tried, kept going crazy and asking to run the wizard.

  • 2. Will Moffat  |  Tuesday, 27th February at 8:43 am

    Hi BUGabundo, thanks for trying it out. I never had the wizard rerunning but some people definitely did. Now you should just get one error message and then it stops. If that does happen then please let me know here (using the Give Feedback wizard if possible). Thanks!

  • 3. mike  |  Tuesday, 10th July at 7:12 am

    hi there, looks like a great app, but restricted on a work station i only have access to firefox 1.5. Is there anyway to use the older version that had firefox 1.5 support??

    many thanks,

  • 4. Ralin  |  Tuesday, 7th August at 1:24 am

    Great extension, but how do I disable the exclusions? I don’t want it to exclude webshops and similars. (using https)

  • 5. Tom  |  Tuesday, 15th July at 12:16 pm

    Tried to install it for Firefox 3 but it won’t let me, stating “does not provide secure updates” :S

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