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Wednesday, 29th March at 3:37 pm 9 comments

I wrote this currency converter to save me time when comparing prices online. I’m sharing it in the hope that others can benefit from it too.


I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the currency conversions. Please make sure ViewMyCurrency is set to ‘OFF’ and double check the numbers before actually purchasing sometime or doing any other kind of financial work.

It’s impossible to write 100% reliable software. Even good programs have lots of bugs. The world is unlikely to end if your buggy internet browser displays the wrong font. On the other hand, if ViewMyCurrency claims that something costs 1.6 million dollars instead of 1.45 million then you might be concerned.
I want to make it very clear that bugs like this could happen, you have been warned. Use at your own risk.

If you find a bug
If you see something that doesn’t look right then please use the ‘Give Feedback’ wizard (available by right-clicking ViewMyCurrency your Firefox statusbar) to let me know. Then everybody benefits when the problem is solved.

I do my best to write good software
After these warnings, please rest assured that as someone who takes pride in my craft I do my best to write reliable software. I run automatic tests before each new release. I’d be happy to make these tests available to anybody who would like to inspect (and perhaps improve) them.


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  • 1. Siggy  |  Tuesday, 4th April at 5:59 pm

    Could you please add support for Norwegian Krone (NOK)?
    Also, I believe the symbol of DKK, SEK and NOK should be ‘Kr’, not ‘ur’.

  • 2. chris  |  Tuesday, 11th April at 12:29 pm

    Loved extension when worked but now not doing so-don’t know why -changed themes in case it was something to do with that- No diff. When look under Options there’s the word “Error: ” under update rates box, but does not say what error is. Tried removing & reinstalling -stil not working 😦

  • 3. chris  |  Thursday, 13th April at 12:14 am

    I see now I probably qrote my previous comment/ question under the wrong section. Anyway I am DELIGHTED to say that ViewMyCurrency is now working.
    I ,eh, had it set to OFF, duh.Got a lot of extensions & somehow forgot what the “XXX” on the status bar meant. Must have accidentally hit it when altering a NoScript option.
    Now maybe to try an alpha version….
    Keep up the good work !

  • 4. chris  |  Thursday, 13th April at 12:26 am

    Ok just installed latest alpha verson. I like the right click context menu- Was it there on “stable” version ? If so i was not even aware of it.
    Also personally I feel it’s better that if ViewMy Currency is OFF that as with this version that there is no symbol in the staus bar.
    Ironically the absence of any symbol makes one wonder what’s there if have the No Scipt icon on status bar, as now if OFF there is an empty space to the right of that symbol. Before with the “XXX” I was thinking that symbol somehow related to “NOScript”.
    Ok I wasn’t thinkng much ! Still most users will do things in a rush & clarity helps the impetuous πŸ™‚

  • 5. Christopher Proudlove  |  Tuesday, 25th April at 12:11 pm

    On some pages when I hovver over the symbol area on the toolbar (which is black not green) I get the following message “Not converting (this page is blacklisted)”.
    Huh? Oddly, the conversions are working …

  • 6. Will Moffat  |  Tuesday, 25th April at 4:06 pm

    Hi Chris: Thanks for pointing that out. I’m adding a feature so that you can automatically turn ViewMyCurrency off if you visit certain pages (like your online bank). It’s not enabled yet (except for the bug reports on this blog) and the confusing tooltip should go away when I finish that code.

  • 7. Christopher Proudlove  |  Tuesday, 25th April at 5:36 pm

    Will – thanks for this – all understood. Incidentally, today I have recommended your extension to the author of this blog: http://labnol.blogspot.com/2006/04/currency-converters-convert-adsense.html

  • 8. Malcolm  |  Monday, 3rd July at 9:22 am

    Just a note to say that I’m here in Hong Kong and its working fine for me – except that when I right click on the statusbar icon there is no “Give Feedback” option so I came here instead.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • 9. Christian  |  Sunday, 12th November at 1:35 am

    simply Excellent, thx πŸ™‚

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