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Wednesday, 15th February at 11:12 am 7 comments

Wow, I just checked my access logs and I’ve had more than 3000 downloads of ViewMyCurrency in two weeks. There are also a few mentions on blog posts and I’m number two on Google for “Firefox Currency Converter”
Now what would be really cool would be to get on the first page of Google for “currency converter”. Of course to do that I just have to displace,,, Yahoo! Finance, Microsoft, CNN or the Bank Of Canada. Now that’s going to be a challenge!

And now for a quick reality check…

I still don’t think ViewMyCurrency is ready for mass-adoption. Right now there are still some bugs in ViewMyCurrency that will disappoint many people (like treating every $ as a USD) and these users might never come back again. (Known as the Marimba Phenomenon)
Ideally, I would also like to perform a code-review focused on security with a more experienced developer.

So for now I’m happy with my relatively small user-base who are already giving me feedback faster than I can fix stuff.
But once the worst problems are solved, watch out Bank of Canada 😉


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  • 1. Christian Schmidt  |  Wednesday, 15th February at 10:12 pm

    Great extension! Some comments:
    – the symbol for Danish krone is “kr.” (with a period), not “kr” (e.g. MS software for some reason defaults to “kr”, but this is never ever user in real life in Denmark).
    – inserting the local currency sometimes screw up the layout of the webpage. Another way to show it is in a tooltip or perhaps with a smaller font. Skipping the decimals (this is reasonable for amounts larger than, say, 10) also saves space.
    – a way to avoid the “unresponsive script” dialog could be not to display the amounts inline but instead add a “convert” item to the right-click menu. In this way you would only have to do the conversion on demand.

  • 2. Will Moffat  |  Thursday, 16th February at 12:17 am

    Christian: thanks for your feedback. Lots of good ideas.
    – I’ll fix the ‘kr.’ symbol in the next release. Do you know if it’s also the correct default for Norway, Sweden and Iceland?
    – I don’t want to mess around with fonts as that’s even more likely to screw up a web page. I was also thinking about tooltips. (By the way, you can hide the original values, that should improve the formatting). I’ll need to think about decimals, it’s a trade-off between accuracy and layout.
    – Conversion on demand is already there. Just set ViewMyCurrency to ‘OFF’ and use the right-click Convert Text option.

  • 3. Christian Schmidt  |  Thursday, 16th February at 8:45 am

    >Do you know if it’s also the correct default for Norway, Sweden
    >and Iceland?
    No, I don’t. I looked at a few Swedish websites and say that they used “kr”, so perhaps this is the reason why MS and others think that this is used in Denmark as well.

    >I’ll need to think about decimals, it’s a trade-off between accuracy
    >and layout
    Agreed. But since not many users can exchange money to the specific change rate, I think most people are satisfied with an approximate amount (credit card issuers and banks usually add a small percentage to the market exchange rates).

    >Just set ViewMyCurrency to ‘OFF’ and use the right-click Convert
    >Text option.
    Ah, I didn’t notice that. Cool 🙂

  • 4. Will Moffat  |  Thursday, 16th February at 12:11 pm

    Hi Christian: I’ll have a think about adding an option so you can select the accuracy. (Might be nice to get rid of stupid prices like 9.99)

    I was also thinking about adding a “Shopping Mode” where you can add a percentage (conversion fee) + fixed amount (postage fee) to each amount.

  • 5. ken meece  |  Monday, 20th February at 9:42 pm

    a cosmetic suggestion:

    on the “currencies” page of the options, when expanded in width (eg, to full screen), keep the “exchange rate details” column on the right side as small as reasonable so taht the the left side (under “change my currency”) is the one which expands in width. this way more of the entries are viewable. currently, if e.g. 8 currencies are listed there, the resulting grid forces each column to be so small that no data is viewable.

  • 6. Will Moffat  |  Tuesday, 21st February at 12:21 am

    Hi Ken, are you converting _into_ 8 different currencies? I didn’t expect people to have many destination currencies but rather lots of source (recognised) currencies. I’m curious to know why you want to do that.

    But you are right about the table sizing. The width should be relative to the number of target currencies. Thanks.

  • 7. André  |  Thursday, 22nd June at 10:23 am

    Hei Will,

    I’m a german in australia and i’m one of those annoyed by the fact that every $ symbol is treated as USD. I love your extension in every other aspect, especially the latest alpha version that fixes all my other issues i had with it.

    Could you not just add a configuration interface for the recognized symbolds for each currency? Just make them editable and provide a “reset to defaults” function in case someone messes it up totally.

    That would make me able to have $ treatet as AUD when in australia and set it back to USD when i go to a us site. Would help heaps.

    Big kudos for a smart idea and good work, though.

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