Firefox Currency Converter – ViewMyCurrency 0.388 (alpha) released

Monday, 6th February at 8:20 pm 6 comments

I feel this version is very close to being ready for submission to Mozilla Update. So please add a comment here if you have any problems before another 2000 people download it. Thanks!


  • Added option: Layout Order. You can now choose which way round you would like the brackets, they can be around either your currency or around the recognised currency. Thanks Kim!
  • Currency: added recognition of ‘AUD $’ and ‘AUD$’ symbols. Thanks Mike!
  • Internal rewrite: I completely rewrote the guts of the extension and now instead of 40 global variables I now use one. Apart from making the code look much nicer, this should also reduce the chances of conflicting with another extension. The rewrite should have caused no visible changes.

Minor changes:

  • Changed: “Hide Original” is now “Hide Recognised” (trying to be consistent with “Recognised Currencies”)
  • Fixed Bug: Startup wizard would sometimes reappear. (test for document.body = null. Happens with WordPress HTML editor)
  • Changed: No messages are not printed to the Javascript Console unless debugLevel > 0. Thanks Simon
  • Bug fix: webservice selection could break if you removed recognised currencies
  • Added: debug preference extensions.viewmycurrency_hackMode (VMC doesn’t start on browser init, you need to press Shift+Control+Alt+P)
Install the ViewMyCurrency extension Download from the Install page (or via automatic update)

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Fixed: Download figures from Mozilla Update Firefox Currency Converter – ViewMyCurrency 0.389 (alpha) released


  • 1. Will  |  Monday, 6th February at 9:18 pm

    If you want the new Australian Dollar symbols and if the ViewMyCurrency install wizard didn’t popup after you restarted Firefox then you have to remove and then add AUD from your “Recognised Currencies” list in the Options dialog. Thanks again Mike!

  • 2. andre  |  Tuesday, 7th February at 1:43 am

    Hi Will

    Just a little bug if you are on a page where the currency is allready in your currency then it changes the original price i believe to american
    and adds to the left the conversion. This is a little buggy when viewing

  • 3. Will Moffat  |  Tuesday, 7th February at 1:50 am

    Hi Andre. Thanks for your feedback. There are about 50 countries in the world that use ‘$’ and right now I always assume it’s USD. I’m working on using the domain name to guess which is the correct currency. Hopefully I’ll have this working in a week or two.

  • 4. Burlo Stumproot  |  Monday, 13th February at 8:15 am

    There might be a solution to your $ problem without you having to guess.
    Add a rightclick options to set:

    “Current domain default currency”

    So that can be set to AUD
    Then make it editable so that the user can set *.au to AUD if he/she wants to.


    If you are going to check the domain anyway.
    It would be nice to be able to have a list of domains that the currency converter ignores or is allways on on.

    For me it wold be off on all domains ending in .se .dk .no since I dont need any conversion on those pages.

  • 5. ken  |  Monday, 11th June at 3:11 pm

    i am getting an internal error. i uninstalled viewmycurrency and reinstalled it and it is still there i have a screenshot of the message. if you send me an email address i’ll send it along. thanks, ken

  • 6. Will Moffat  |  Monday, 11th June at 3:36 pm

    Hi Ken, try visiting about:config and then filter with ‘viewmycurrency’ and delete all those entries. If that doesn’t help, please send the screenshot to vmc_bugs at

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