Fixed: Download figures from Mozilla Update

Saturday, 4th February at 9:20 am

I wrote earlier that there was something fishy about the Mozilla Update download figures. (The “downloads this week” was more than the “total downloads”).Well now it looks like morgamic and justdave fixed the problem.
Thanks guys!

With two randomly chosen new extensions you can see the result:
Downloads of CloseButton show the patch fixed the problem

After the patch was applied, the difference between the two download figures stopped increasing.
Downloads of OptionsMenu show that downloads seem to be tracked correctly

This extension was released after the patch was implemented and you can see the download figures track each other almost perfectly. The tiny difference (the right axis is 20 times smaller than in the first graph) is probably due to the total and weekly update scripts running out of phase.

I guess I don’t have any excuse for delaying my next submission to Mozilla Update šŸ˜‰


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