ViewMyCurrency 0.387 (alpha) released

Friday, 3rd February at 8:51 pm 7 comments

Important bug-fix for international versions of Firefox

  • Fixed: Major bug that prevented install wizard from completing in non-English versions of Firefox.
    (Wizard hung if your browser was set to one of the following languages: ca, bg, ar, cs, de, ru, sl, fr, el, hu, it, pl, nl, fi, he, ja, ro, eu, da, mk, sq, tr, ko, mn, sk)
    Thanks Rufus!

Are you using an international version of Firefox?

Did this version of ViewMyCurrency correctly guess your country?

Please let me know by adding a comment below. Thanks!


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ViewMyCurrency 0.386 (alpha) released Fixed: Download figures from Mozilla Update


  • 1. Kim Ludvigsen  |  Friday, 3rd February at 11:03 pm

    No problem guessing danish currency.

    I must admit, however, that even though I love the idea of ViewMyCurrency, I have it turned of. I simply can’t get used to see the danish currency in the text and the original currency in brackets. I would like it the other way round (as earlier suggested).

    I would be glad to know, if you eventually will make such an option. I get so dissapointed every time I install a new version without the option ;-(

  • 2. Will  |  Saturday, 4th February at 9:44 am

    Kim: there’s a new alpha coming soon that might interest you 😉

  • 3. Burlo Stumproot  |  Saturday, 4th February at 10:56 am

    Hi it works great for me.
    Just on little comment.
    For swedish (SEK) kronor the short name in 0.38 is ‘ur’ it should be ‘kr’ or ‘sek’.
    Here in scandinavia two of our closest negighbours also have kronor (Norway & Denmark) so the common way to distinguish which krona we are talking about is very often sek, nok and dkr.

  • 4. Rene L.  |  Saturday, 4th February at 11:40 am

    ViewMyCurrency is a very valuable extension for me, many thanks!

    The new country guessing works very good for me.
    My suggestion for the Germany guess (Eurozone) is to display ‘.’ as thousands operator, ‘,’ as decimal separator and the EUR symbol last.

    And an option to disable the keyboard shortcuts would be nice.

    Keep up the good work,

  • 5. Will  |  Saturday, 4th February at 12:04 pm

    Burlo: I thought I fixed the ‘kr’ symbol in 0.381 alpha release. Can you confirm that the latest alpha is correct? Good point about SEK, NOK and DKR, later I will allow the user to select which symbol is used for display.

    Rene: I do plan to add default formats based on locales as you suggest.

    Can I get some more feedback about the keyboard shortcuts? Should they be removed? Do they conflict with other shortcuts? Do they make the right-click menu seem too complicated?

  • 6. Burlo Stumproot  |  Monday, 6th February at 9:57 am

    I installed the latest alpha, the kr for SEK issue is solved.
    Good work.

    I would like to be able to remove the “ViewMyCurrency” in the right-click menu when I have text selected. I have the extension on at all times so it adds nothing but clutter to this menu.

    I wonder how many leave it on the whole time?

    Regarding the keyboard shortcuts.
    1. I never used them and dont think that I’ll ever will (it’s always on).
    2. I dont think they clutter up the right-click menu.
    3. Regarding conflicts. As a principle I think *all* keyboard shortcuts should be editable (but then I use emacs and expect to be able to tweak anything)

  • 7. Will  |  Monday, 6th February at 10:37 am

    Hi Burlo. Glad to hear that it works for you. I was pleasantly surprised to hear how many people leave ViewMyCurrency on all the time. You’re not alone. I just hope people don’t forget they are not looking at the original amount.

    I’ll add “Remove from right-click menu” as an option. Although even when you leave ViewMyCurrency on, the right-click menu can still be useful as it converts all numbers even if they don’t have a currency symbol.

    I think I’ll also add an option to enable keyboard shortcuts. Then they can be off by default and power-users can enable them. That will reduce the scariness of the menu.

    By the way, did you know about the extension ‘keyconfig’ which lets you edit Firefox shortcuts?
    I don’t think it works with my extension, but I intend to fix that.

    PS You can tell I’m an EMACS user too, I have some hidden debugging functions accessed with 4 key combinations like Shift-Ctrl-Alt-P … mice are for wimps 🙂

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