ViewMyCurrency 0.386 (alpha) released

Thursday, 2nd February at 6:25 pm 3 comments

This release fixes many bugs and adds a welcome popup after successful install as many new users didn’t realise that ViewMyCurrency was installed or that there was a right-click menu.

  • Added: welcome popup after successful install.
  • Added: Web Update starts automatically after 30 seconds, on failure it doubles the interval and then tries again
  • Added: if init from preferences fails (due to user hand-editing the settings) then run setup wizard again rather than just dying horribly.
  • Added: warning tooltip if install failed that includes version number to aid bug reporting.
  • Fix: Choice of web-service is now stored in preferences
  • Changed: If conversion cannot be performed the error is highlighted with ‘???’
  • Fix: stupid bug in previous alpha that broke automatic page conversion
  • Fix: bug in previous alpha that broke right-click Convert Text
  • Changed: use non-breaking spaces between currency symbol and number. Thanks Simon!
  • Fix: exchange rates were being lost after changing currencies (during install for example)
  • Fix: Lists correctly use comma and ‘and’. This should reduce user confusion. Thanks Simon!

Please let me know if you notice any irritating problems. I’m planning to submit a new version to Mozilla Update soon if I get good feedback on this.


Install the ViewMyCurrency extension Download from the Install page (or via automatic update)

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  • 1. Rufus  |  Thursday, 2nd February at 9:25 pm

    It is on me, or the wizard can’t activate the “next” button?

  • 2. Will  |  Thursday, 2nd February at 9:42 pm

    Hi Rufus, do you mean the next button on the first or second page of the wizard?

    Perhaps you could Skype me? It might be quicker to solve the problem
    than by email/blog. Username: ViewMyCurrency (I’ll be online most of Friday during the day)

    As a short-term fix, you can always go back to the previous version

  • 3. Rufus  |  Thursday, 2nd February at 9:47 pm

    Thank you for the link. I mean in the first page: it is blocked and then I cann’t configure it.

    PS: I had put you on my Skype list: I’m marco.guadagnini

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