ViewMyCurrency 0.382 (alpha) released

Thursday, 26th January at 12:47 pm 11 comments

Currency: Added BGN (Bulgaria) webservice. Thanks ivancho!


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  • 1. ivancho  |  Thursday, 26th January at 1:13 pm

    Last :), Can I mentioned that bulgarian currency (“lv”) is always behind the number. Now situation depends on where is the replacement. I think that that isn’t easy job, but if you can fix that.
    19 USD
    NUMBER lv

    but on some places is
    EURO 19
    lv 38 (example) … and it is properly to be 38 lv …

    Thanks you for this extention … I will send it to all my friends 🙂

  • 2. Radek  |  Thursday, 26th January at 1:33 pm

    Well the same situation is with polish currency. The currency sign should be written after a number value.
    Eg. 12.000,00zł not zł12.000,00.
    And the separators are switched in Poland. That means we use . (period) for thousand separator and , (comma) for decimal 😉 I thought you’d like to know about this 😉
    I think the extension needs a few updates and it will be just perfect tool 🙂 Thanks again.

  • 3. xephyris  |  Friday, 27th January at 1:00 pm

    Thanks for adding the fullwidth Yen sign, I appreciate it a lot!

    I failed to mention it in my previous post, but some Japanese sites also use the Japanese word for Yen. For example, check

    The Japanese word for Yen is 円 (U+5186)

    Also, while the fullwidth Yen sign is converted in, it is strangely not recognised here:

    Other than that, this is a wonderful plugin! Two thumbs up!

  • 4. xephyris  |  Friday, 27th January at 1:03 pm

    I just realised that the symbols *are* in the extension, but they are not being recognised just on – I guess this is a site specific issue.

    Sorry for the double posting!

  • 5. Will  |  Friday, 27th January at 1:05 pm

    xephyris: Thanks for the Japanese feedback. I’ll look into it soon.

    Right now I’m working on user optoins for symbol and currency order as requested by ivancho and Radek. Expect a new alpha release very soon.

  • 6. ivancho  |  Friday, 27th January at 2:02 pm

    I noticed that when there milion or bilion they write it
    $ 16 milion
    and if you match the number will be
    16 lv milion …
    and to be properly … in bulgarian the right way is
    16 milion lv …

  • 7. Will  |  Friday, 27th January at 2:09 pm

    Ivancho: Yes I was thinking about that. I could look for hundred, thousand, million, billion, trillion, and then combine that with the number, do the rate conversion and then write out again using numbers + words.

    So if you where converting into Turkish lira, “3 thousand USD” would become “4.1 billion turkish lira”.

    Something to add to the todo list.

  • 8. Randolph Benoit  |  Friday, 27th January at 10:19 pm

    I Started using ViewMyCurrency because I order a lot from the states
    having it convert to CAD (Canadian Fund$) is great but the is a bug
    when visiting sites that already use CAD pricing it converts the pricing
    higher even when update currecy rates but $1 CAD should show $1 CAD next not a higher amount (I know turn off the extension for that page but thats not my point. A setting (or auto feature, or option to set keep track of sites that yourself know uses a curtain types currency on a web page in options, etc.)

  • 9. Randor the Red  |  Friday, 27th January at 10:34 pm

    I hope future versions will have options/ settings for:
    Option to set Auto Rates Update upon opening of FireFox.
    Icon in the options linked to ViewMyCurrency Web Site.

  • 10. Will  |  Friday, 27th January at 10:46 pm

    Randolph: Thanks for your feedback, I’ll be working on a solution (using domains names) to the dollar problem.

    Randor: The rates do auto-update after 5mins (if they are 8 hours old). The 5 minute delay is for people who need to log-in or dial-up using a modem. But I’ll come up with a better solution. Probably auto-update immediately and if that fails, reschedule for 5 mins later.

    Keep the feedback coming. Thanks.

  • 11. Roman  |  Saturday, 28th January at 1:35 pm


    could you write a similar extension for height or weight conversion. that would be so cool! just typing in your desired conversion an it writes feet and pounds in cm and kilos. can’t be that hard!


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