ViewMyCurrency 0.381 (alpha) released

Thursday, 26th January at 10:27 am 3 comments

I’ve released a new version of ViewMyCurrency for testing:

Install the ViewMyCurrency extension ViewMyCurrency latest alpha release (from

Important: This is not the offical release on Mozilla Update. This version will be changed regularly as bug reports come in. If you install this version then you will continue to get alpha-releases from through the auto-update feature of Firefox.

Major changes:

  • Conversion into 121 currencies
  • Downloads live exchange rates from Google or
  • Improved Options dialog:
    • Supports selection of exchange rate source
    • Uses tabs to reduce clutter
    • Shows currency info as well as exchange rate info
    • Update rates runs automatically if new rates are added
    • Added option: Remove ViewMyCurrency from statusbar


  • Support for Alpha releases (for testing before official Mozilla Update release)
  • Warns about deleting old preferences
  • First and last page of startup wizard improved
  • Support for web services (adding a new source for exchange rates is now only a few lines of JavaScript)
  • Advanced options (double-click icon in Options Dialog) (so a normal release can be used for debugging)
  • Menu is now Convert to CODE or ‘OFF’ rather than confusing checkbox
  • Disabled state now shown using ‘OFF’ rather than the risque ‘XXX’
  • Update interval displayed in options dialog
  • Added link to web service in Options Dialog. + fixed table resizing
  • Links to ViewMyCurrency blog contain version number (to warn people about updates)
  • Shiny new About dialog

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed ‘malformed rate’ alert
  • Options dialog will open setup wizard if extension is not yet installed.
  • Fixed symbols for Swedish and Danish kroner.

Entry filed under: releases.

Premature promises ViewMyCurrency 0.382 (alpha) released


  • 1. ivancho  |  Thursday, 26th January at 12:12 pm

    BGN (Bulgaria) doesn’t work
    When in ViewMyCurrency Options select to use BGN, after that click on the button Update Now, in Modify the currencies: is NaN with middle lined …

  • 2. Roman  |  Saturday, 28th January at 1:36 pm


    could you write a similar extension for height or weight conversion. that would be so cool! just typing in your desired conversion an it writes feet and pounds in cm and kilos. can’t be that hard!


  • 3. Will  |  Saturday, 28th January at 1:39 pm

    Hi Roman,

    Yes, it shouldn’t be too dificult to do other types of conversion. Right now the code is a little currency-specific but as I go on I’ll make it more abstract. Something for the long-term todo list.

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