Premature promises

Tuesday, 24th January at 12:00 am 1 comment

Oops. A few days ago I promised a new release within 24 hours … 5 days later and it’s nearly ready šŸ™‚

It should be worth the wait, ViewMyCurrency will now support conversion into 121 currencies (with 16 more in the pipeline). I hope that cheers up all the people who felt left out in the first version.

It’s amazing the random things you learn working on a project like this. I never imagined that my first contributions to the Wikipedia would be about world currencies.

Speaking of random events, it seems that a few people have experienced browsers hang-ups after installing ViewMyCurrency. That totally sucks and I want to solve this. It looks like some particular combination of extensions causes a conflict. I’m still looking into it, so far the only common factor is that all the detailed bug reports I’ve received so far are from people named Peter!

A new release coming soon, I promise you!


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The peril of premature preferences ViewMyCurrency 0.381 (alpha) released

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  • 1. ivancho  |  Tuesday, 24th January at 11:29 am

    Who are we waiting …, who are we waiting šŸ™‚

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