The peril of premature preferences

Thursday, 19th January at 8:39 pm 8 comments

I released the first version of ViewMyCurrency 6 days ago and since then there have been more than 3000 downloads and 100 comments on Mozilla update and on this blog! Great motivation to keep on programming.

There have been many requests for an option to add to or edit the currencies. I agree that would be a great feature but therein lies a peril. There are some major changes in the pipeline, for example, using different currency recognition depending on the URL to help out those poor guys who have to share the $ symbol.

These changes will inevitably result in the format of the preferences changing and if people have already invested time in customising them then they aren’t going to be happy when an automatic update comes along. Yes, I could write migration code. But not yet.

So first will come the features that don’t impact the preferences format too much. You can expect

  • lots of new currencies added (especially for my Scandinavian friends)
  • show/hide in statusbar
  • option to select brackets for either the original currency or the converted value
  • Using the URL to modify the currency recognition (probably not in the next release)
  • lots of (hopefully) invisible bug-fixes

There should be a beta-version on this site within 24 hours. Keep the feedback coming!


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  • 1. ivancho  |  Friday, 20th January at 12:34 pm

    Can you add bulgarian currency (LV(name is Lev) or BGN(official)) which is fixed for Euro. And: 1 euro = 1.95583 BGN

  • 2. Simon  |  Friday, 20th January at 5:32 pm

    Sometimes you’ll see nice conversions you wouldn’t expect… 😉
    “Just my €0.17 ($0.2)”

  • 3. Will  |  Friday, 20th January at 5:36 pm

    ivancho: lots more currencies coming soon.
    Simon: funny side effect. But we’ll call that a feature rather than a bug OK?

  • 4. Godot  |  Friday, 20th January at 5:50 pm

    nice extension. small annoyance though: on ebay i get results like

    US €8.26 ($9,99)

    would be nice if you could make the extension intelligent enough to recognize the “US ” and remove it as well. thanks!

  • 5. Godot  |  Friday, 20th January at 5:52 pm

    sorry something went wrong. i get only

    US €8.26 ($9,99)

    i dont know where the rest came from in my above post. some copy-n-paste bug or something.

  • 6. Godot  |  Friday, 20th January at 5:54 pm

    ah now i know why it looked so strange. that was your extension in action 🙂 well maybe it should recognize already converted currencies and dont add another conversion.

  • 7. Will  |  Friday, 20th January at 5:58 pm

    Godot: thanks for the point about US {space} $ I did fix that problem but it seems it broke again. And yes, not converting already converted numbers would be nice. I’ll have a think about it.

  • 8. joel  |  Wednesday, 23rd April at 1:21 pm

    I’ve got €61 ($38.33) €49 ($30.66) which is not the real rate ( just the contrary). I would like to change the option/rate eur>USd to USD>EUR, but can’t.
    try to uninstall reinstall, no change

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